Watch Jeff Gordon Scare The Crap Out Of A Random Used Car Salesman

Used car salesmen are used to bad drivers, but they probably aren't used to feeling like their lives are in danger. That's where disguised Jeff Gordon comes in.

UPDATE: The ad is totally faked.

Disguised by a, well, um, disguise, Gordon test drives a 2009 Chevy Camaro with an unsuspecting salesman next to him. There is a heavy V8 soundtrack in the video, which is interesting because this car is a V6.


Anywho, Gordon proceeds to make the salesman nearly need new underwear multiple times. When he threatens to call the cops, Gordon reveals himself and the threat of legal action is totally gone.

"You just shot me!" "It's ok, I'm Jeff Gordon." "Oh! Ok, nevermind then!"

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Takuro Spirit

So it just happened to have a truck-stop cupholder taped to the top of the center stack?