Jay-Z and Kayne West's epic "Watch The Throne" duet album has spawned a car-based collaboration — between a Maybach 57 and a Sawzall. Watch the two turn it into a flame-shooting quasi-rat rod in this video for "Otis."

Much like chopping up Otis Redding's "Try A Little Tenderness" might strike some as messing with perfection, creating what must be the world's first junkyard-rod Maybach would offend Maybach purists if there were any. On the other hand, even decked out with tin fenders, a grille trunk, four women and Aziz Ansari (?) the rat-Bach still looks more attractive than the Landaulet.


Whatever it is, the duo say it will be sold to benefit famine relief in East Africa, creating the rarest vehicle of all — a Maybach whose purchase can be justified.

Hat tip to smokeyburnout, Manashe and Eric!

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