The Jaguar F-Type is hot. A commercial with facts and figures isn't hot. So how about a short film directed by Ridley Scott starring Damian Lewis, gangsters, an F-Type V8 S, and the desert? Yeah, that sounds better than a commercial.

The film, called Desire, is a 13 minute romp through Chile to deliver an F-Type, when all of the sudden Damian Lewis gets involved in a marriage disagreement between a gangster and his wife.

It has a soundtrack by Lana Del Ray, but it can also say that the soundtrack is the sonorous V8 from the F-Type. It does a pretty good job disguising that is actually an ad until about 10 minutes in. You'll know the point when you get to it.

Scott has created a fun film, but there is one thing that I don't get: How can an F-Type nor completely outrun an American sedan from the 1980s? It should leave it for dead, immediately.

Other than that small little plot hole, Jag has done a good job disguising an ad for its most important car as a fun film.