Watch Idiot GT-R And Hellcat Street Racers Get Exactly What They Deserve

Street racing is so dumb. Seriously. It's one of the dumbest and most irresponsible things you can do in a car. Yet the drivers of this Hellcat and GT-R decide they'd rather risk the lives of everyone around them to street race. Thankfully, the cops were also there and they put a stop to it.


We don't like to post videos of street racing because we think that it gives undeserved attention to something that we loathe. However, we do make exceptions from time to time. And idiots getting their comeuppance is one of those times.

These dweebs nearly stop traffic on a four lane highway to have their childish street race. That's when the cops show up on the scene, pull a bonkers move to dive into the left lane, and chase down the Hellcat driver, who says he "considered running, but it wasn't worth it."


No shit.

Hopefully they're off the road for a while.

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Well that explains everything.