Watch How The Need For Speed Team Made The Cars Sound So Real

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Okay, so the Need for Speed movie was pretty terrible. But! I read through all of Jason's review, and I didn't see one complaint about the engine noises. If there's any reason for that, it's because the engines sounded so real. And that's because they were.

To get just the perfect aural stimulation, the crew decided that they'd have to get the perfect sound. To get the perfect sound, they'd have to get a baseline of cars. To get a baseline of cars, they went to exactly the kind of place you'd go to get a baseline of cars:

Cars and coffee.


The sound engineers and mixers would record cars at their local meetups, and then run the engine noises through speakers to see how they sounded. Once they found the golden nugget of auditory pleasure, they then hooked a ton of microphones to cars out in the desert to get the sounds they needed.

Once that was all done, they mixed it all into the movie, in beautiful 7.1-channel sound.

Now if only they had worked so hard on the plot.

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Made the cars sound so real? Is that a joke lol. I swear more than 50% of the vehicles that weren't mustangs sounded exactly like the mustang, and the most obvious one that didn't sound like itself was the Bugatti. Sounded like a diesel/harley hybrid on it's deathbed lol.