Think your job sucks? Try being the guy who has to remove the so-called "fatbergs", those congealed masses of fat, wet wipes and other nasty material, from London sewers. Warning, this video is disgusting. Obviously.

Yesterday we reported on how the largest fatberg ever was recently discovered in a sewer, and it was found to weigh 15 tons and was approximately the same size as a bus. How did they get it out of there? People like Rob Smith shoveled them out, that's how.

Smith has been doing this for 19 years and he may just have the worst job in Britain. He's seen some genuinely crazy shit down there, too. From the video description:

His travels through the ageing Victorian network have seen him come across half a Mini Cooper, a live hand-grenade - and a fatberg the size of man.


Always dispose of fat and grease properly, people! Your Mini Coopers, too.