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John Hennessey's life isn't special. Get up in the morning. Take the family wagon for a little drive. Come home. Granted, the family wagon is a 700-hp Hennessey CTS-V "Hammer Wagon" and the little drive includes a 189.7 mph standing-mile CTS-V world record. But he did drive it home.


The way Hennessey tells it, he knew someone was gunning for his Cadillac CTS-V standing-mile record at this past weekend's Texas Mile and his wife preferred the space offered by her GMC so he just borrowed the car back. And, oh, while the car is in the shop why not upgrade it from its former 650-hp trim to full V700-spec?

On his third pass Hennessey hit 189.7 mph, which breaks his own record for the CTS-V in the standing-mile and makes it faster than a stock ZR1 over the same distance. Insane.


"After I made the run on Saturday morning, I filled up and drove my wagon home 175 miles," Hennessey told us. "Then I drove it to work this morning."

See, nothing special. Typical suburban Texan dad stuff.

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