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Watch Hapless Goofs Try To Rescue A Camaro They Dumped In The Ocean

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

So we've got a beautiful Chevrolet Camaro clawing at the beach like some kind of shipwreck survivor, a Jeep Liberty with hopelessly overinflated tires hooked up to it via "tow strap," and what looks like a U-Haul trailer floating out to sea in the background. Grab your popcorn, kids.


I can't even imagine how this situation came to pass in the first place. Jeep towing the Camaro, trying to drop it in the sand for a photoshoot or something? Whatever their original plan was it's gone pearshaped by the time the camera started rolling.

Update: Local report says the Camaro was towing a jetski... and, uh, went a little too deep trying to drop it into the water.


At least both vehicles look rather elegant in coordinated and crisp white.

Hat tip to Connor!

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