An old pro-car, anti-motorcycle maxim says "Four wheels good, two wheels bad." However, if you've still got two extra wheels that aren't on the ground, it's more like "Four wheels good, two wheels awesome." Here's four awesome two-wheels-in-the-air videos.

First up, a Renault Clio from 2007, on an undisclosed European road course.

The Clio's popularity among rallyers might stem from its ability to recover from the tipsies, as this driver at a 2007 Hungarian rally demonstrates.

Why do the Hungarians seem over-represented here? Just a couple of months later, this Seat Ibiza GpA would walk up to the limits of two-wheel-driving at the Hungarian rally championships.

It's not just Europeans who can enjoy releasing some vertical hold, as Dave Mirra demonstrates in this shot from the 2008 Oregon Trail rally.


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