Photo: Deadmau5/YouTube

Canadian house music producer Deadmau5 took science-genius Adam Savage for a joyride around the Toronto area in an eargasmically beautiful sounding Porsche GT3. Adam tells some great Mythbusters stories, and even gives a shoutout to your humble motoring internet weblog.

The best part of this installment of Deadmau5's “Coffee Run”—besides the Jalopnik shoutout at 24:30—is Adam’s story about how he wrecked, and then mended, a Mazda Miata used in the Spy Car episode.

The wreck involves a curb and a bent control arm. And the fix involves a Toyota Land Cruiser, a winch, a house and a tow strap. It’s truly genius.

If you’re curious what car they’re driving in, or if you just want to hear more amazing exhaust sound, here you go: