Watch Ford's Massive Factory Renovation In Mesmerizing Fast-Motion

Building the 2015 Ford F-150 required a complete makeover of the company's massive Dearborn, Michigan truck assembly plant since the new truck's largely made of aluminum, and can't be put together the same was as its steel predecessors.


This video was tucked away as "B-roll" and is pretty much meant to be absorbed with a news anchor monologuing over it, but you'll enjoy it more if you pick your own soundtrack. (Pro tip: pick this one.)

Ford flipped the switch on the new F-150 assembly line today, and is planning on making the trucks available to customers as soon as December. The truck starts at around $26,000 and quickly becomes very expensive when you start ticking option boxes.

Images via Ford



Ford is taking a big gamble being the first pickup maker to go Aluminum. I think it will pay off though.

I just wish they had built the new Mustang out of Aluminum.