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Watch Ferraris Battle RX-7s In This 1989 IMSA Race

Illustration for article titled Watch Ferraris Battle RX-7s In This 1989 IMSA Race
Screenshot: Randall Dubin (YouTube)

It’s day whatever of covid-Time and here in Detroit, there are big fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky. Time to pull up an old race, and imagine I’m perched up in the stands, holding an icy Stroh’s and getting a nice sunburn while the turbos chirp and chatter below.

This particular event, officially the Camel Grand Prix of Southern California was the finale of the ’89 season and features some rad machinery—Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO!, Ferrari F40!, Mazda RX-7! and drivers like Hans-Joachim Stuck and Hurley Haywood.


It’s Friday afternoon, so put your feet up and transport yourself to a better time/place. (Or just let it run in the background while you, say, make blogs.)

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I miss this era of IMSA racing. There were so many sweet looking race cars and they actually still looked close to the production versions!

With today’s earlier mention of the Fiero, I’ll add one of my Favorite ones: The Huffaker chassis IMSA Fiero