Pace notes are key in rallying. If one of them gets misread, a driver could end up going way too fast into a tight corner and write off the entire car. And when that happens, it would look a lot like this video.

Antoine L'Estage and Nathalie Richard were running a freshly rented Mitsubishi Lancer in the Oregon Trail Rally when things went wrong. It appears that a pace note was misread or left out, or perhaps there was a driver error, but the Lancer just goes straight off the road.

Luckily it was captured on film in very, very slow motion. Both L'Estage and Richard were ok in the wreck, but it sounds like getting the car back was the tough part. It was a long drop.

A number of cars succumbed to the grueling stages, with off-road excusrions becoming the norm across the rally.