Watch Daniel Ricciardo Talk Days Of Thunder, Talladega Nights And More Racing Movies

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Racing is harder than it looks, and not even some of the best racing movies get it right. That’s why it’s handy we have Formula One drivers like Daniel Ricciardo out here to give us the what’s-what on some of film’s best racing scenes. And for those of you wondering where Baby Driver was in Team O’Neil’s driving scene breakdown video—it’s here.


Ricciardo, like most pro racing drivers, has been doing this his whole life. If there’s anyone qualified, it’s him, the world’s fastest Dale Earnhardt fan. (He’s also a current Renault and former Red Bull Racing driver.) If you’ve ever wanted an analysis of the IndyCar classic Driven or the iconic Talladega Nights, you can find it below:

I love these kinds of videos almost as much as I love Daniel Ricciardo’s eternal bubbly energy. He does a great job talking about racing generally, even things like stock car racing that he hasn’t done professionally. It’s pretty great.

Ricciardo breaks down less the driving techniques and more the feasibility of the whole thing. Do drivers really talk to their crew chiefs as much as Tom Cruise does in Days of Thunder? Would Will Ferrell have a reason to strip down to his skivvies and run onto the track?

I have to say that the breakdown of Driven is probably my favorite, if only for the fact that we get a lovely story about Ricciardo almost peeing his pants at the movie theater when he saw it the first time.

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He should break down how he drinks champagne from his stank-ass shoe like a weirdy weirdboy.