Danica Patrick takes a lot of flack from race fans because she gets an insane amount of media attention and doesn't necessarily earn the results on track to match. Well, get ready to be angry again because she was on The Colbert Report last night.

Colbert's interviews are always a lot of fun. This one is no different. She's charming, funny, witty, a little ditzy. I'm a Danica fan (a Fanica?), so I enjoy it every time she does an interview. Plus, it gets regular folks talking about racing. How is it a bad thing to have her as a mainstream ambassador for the sport?

It isn't.

And yes, she's wearing a GoDaddy leather jacket instead of some sort of dress. I guess GoDaddy has now stipulated that whenever DP does any sort of interview, she has to wear that leather jacket or some other type of GoDaddy branded clothing.

They pay literally all of her bills. If they wanted to pay mine I'd wear anything they told me to.