Watch Crazy Chechens Terrorize Motorists WIth Guns And BMWs

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We've already established that the single most important driving accessory in Chechnya is the AK-47. Watch this band of hoodlums fire guns in the air while doing donuts in the middle of an afternoon in Grozny from the window of their BWM M5. Chechens are insane.

This video describes the young men as "Chechen Mafia" but, given cultural norms in the region, it's equally likely these are actually just young men celebrating a wedding the Chechen Way. You know, by firing weapons in the air from a moving vehicle in traffic.


There's a second video where you can hear police sirens but the cops either don't care enough to do anything or can't catch up the BMWs or the Porsche.

A special note, our own Raphael Orlove identified the song as Berlin's Most Wanted — i.e. BMW.


Peace for the Caucuses, y'all.

(Hat tip to @EndrasBMW!)