There are two things the internet likes a lot (actually, there are far more than two things, but let’s stick to the program here): Chris Harris driving cars and a car called the 2017 Ford GT. So, here is a video Chris Harris driving the Ford GT.

Harris, a Jalopnik alumnus who we guess is doing something car related with his life these days, got a Ford GT recently to whip around the nearest race track. He dropped the 650-horsepower car—literally—into track mode, and got that thing rolling after what he called “all those months of waiting” to drive the car.


The sold-out Ford GT seems to have delivered just as Harris and most of the rest of us expected, meaning that he didn’t have too many critical things to say about it. But even if you don’t learn about any of the car’s potential weak spots in the video below, it’s a blast to watch this thing whip around the race track—sometimes in slow motion:

If you weren’t having the best Monday, hopefully this big, yellow Ford GT brought a little bit of sunshine into your life. But then you remember you weren’t worthy of one in the first place, and everything is bad again.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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