The Ford GT Puts Out A Stonking 647 Horsepower And Will Do 216 MPH

Photo credit Kurt Bradley
Photo credit Kurt Bradley

Anytime we asked Ford for definitive specs on the new Ford GT, we were always met with vague answers. “More than 600 horsepower,” it was said. But now we know the exact figures – 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque out of its twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6.


That’s good enough for 216 miles per hour, just one tick mark off of a LaFerrari. And for drivability’s sake, Ford says it’ll produce 90 percent of peak torque at 3,500 RPM. And it sounds pretty good, too:

As if to provide some sort of comparison, Ford says that the GT will best both a McLaren 675LT and a Ferrari 458 Speciale around Calabogie Motorsports Park (?????????) in Canada. Maybe the Nurburgring was busy the past few years.

But for a better comparison, Ford also said it’ll weigh a tad over 3,000 pounds, which would slot it neatly between those two fancy European cars in terms of power-to-weight ratio, with 4.72 pounds/horsepower. (Some quick math will tell you that the thing should actually weigh 3,054 pounds.)

Do you really care about silly horsepower to weight ratios though? You do not. All you need to know is that it’ll be fast enough to rip your flesh from your bones in the most pleasant, adrenaline-fueled way possible. You’ll be smiling as you’re screaming.

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