Watch Carlos Sainz Drive An Audi R8 LMS Around Europe's Second Oldest Track

Built in 1922 and essentially abandoned in 1923, Autodromo de Sitges-Terramar is the second oldest remaining track in Europe. Unlike the oldest, England's Brooklands, it was built so well that it remains useable today. Here, rally legend Carlos Sainz laps its 80 year old banking in an Audi R8 LMS.


"I had no idea that this place even existed – and even less that it was the first racetrack ever built in Spain," Says Sainz. "The banking is tremendous, especially when viewed from below. When I first saw it I was surprised and was very curious to know what it was like to drive on it. This is my first ever oval circuit with banking like this. It was very special."

"To drive a car on a circuit like this, damaged by passage of time, was a challenge," says Miguel Molina, who was also driving. "We were constantly tested by the difficulty of layout and the chicanes – you could not lose focus for a single minute. Still, it was great fun. Driving on this circuit is the closest thing to flying."

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Fred Smith

think about this for a moment: this track is 13 years older than IMS, and they're going to run 500 miles 'round Indy just a week from sunday.