Watch Bullitt At The Redford Theatre Tomorrow Night

Look at what the Redford Theatre has done, they've gone and put "Bullitt" front and center on the marquee. Guess that means tomorrow we should go out and see it. Yes indeed folks, after you picked out the date and we shot off the announcement, this is the last reminder you'll get to start showing up at the Redford Theatre at 7 PM tomorrow night for the 8 PM showing. You'll get to see Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Duvall and many more up on the big screen in this 1968 Peter Yates classic.


So how are we going to know a J-Lop from a common schmo? Aside from you lucky few with "Save the Enzos" t-shirts and whatever psycho decides to put el Werto on a shirt or whatever, the easiest solution is to just go the AA way - name tags. We'll have 'em or you can bring your own cleverly sarcastic version. I'm going to head over to the all volunteer staffed theater (and thus only open part time) this evening and make sure we've got things straight for all you hooligans tomorrow. We'll probably have a "Jalopnik" section if we can swing it. Make sure you bring your $4 cause we're sure the nonprofit theater will appreciate the patronage. Not much else to say, we're looking forward to tomorrow and hope you guys are too.

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