Watch Boeing's Adorable War-Fighting Golf Cart Fit In A Small Aircraft

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With all the fanfare possibly affordable to such a development, Boeing is proud to announce its pint-size combat truck called the Phantom Badger does indeed fit inside a V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft.

The Phantom Badger is considered a combat support vehicle, and its rear section is modular for easy change-out between parts as need for recon, search and rescue, ambulance duty, bomb disposal, or straight-up ass kicking.


The ground vehicle is 60 inches wide, almost two feet slimmer than a new Ford Escape. It makes 240 horsepower and tops out at around 80 MPH. Wired seems to think the Phantom Badger is new for some reason, but Boeing actually introduced it to the world in September 2013.

You can fit ten of them in a giant C-17 transport jet, or two in a C-130 cargo plane or CH-47 Chinook cargo helicopter. But cramming into the V-22 Osprey, that airplane that has some of a helicopter's flexibility with tiltable rotors, is a new feat. Great job, little Badger!

The fighting trucklet can exit the V-22 in just 17 seconds. No, really, just watch it climb out of the aircraft and take it straight to the mountains.

Unfortunately parking it again takes a slovenly 22 seconds.

Hat tip to James Torrey! Images from Boeing.

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