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​Watch BMW's Self-Drifting Car Face-Off Against A Formula D Champ

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In the battle for sideways supremacy, who reigns supreme? BMW's self-drifting 2 Series or Formula Drift Champion, Dai Yoshihara?


When BMW showed off its latest prototype of ActiveAssist last year, the headline feature was the system's ability to not only correct a skid, but hold it. The self-drifting car was born, but BMW wanted to see how it stacked up against a guy that lets his ass hang out for a living.


Yoshihara was tasked with doing a perfect sideways circle around a skidpad, although we're not sure it was a fair fight: the ActiveAssist BMW was on a damp skidpad while the 2011 Formula D champ had to contend with a dry patch of tarmac.

Regardless, no matter how easy Yoshihara makes it look, it's nothing compared to the BMW engineer just sitting in the driver's seat with his arms folded.

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