Watch Bigfoot Absolutely Dominate a Different Kind of Hillclimb

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Bigfoot was the epitome of rad when I was a young and impressionable child. This generation of Ford pickup was a clean and attractive design, and when turned into the rear-steer big-tire weirdo that is Bigfoot 9, it looked even better.

Thankfully, the Bigfoot team have been uploading old archive footage of the ‘Foot doing what it does best. Here’s a clip of Jim Kramer hanging one arm out the window while he attacks Gravelrama in 1990. This truck makes that hillclimb look damn easy.

Bigfoot 9 is a 10,900 pound custom tube chassis truck powered by a 572 cubic inch V8 running on methanol. This version of the iconic truck made its competition debut in February of 1990.


The truck made an international tour, visiting everywhere from the U.K. to Malaysia. In 1998, however, following a trip to Brazil, customs officials wouldn’t let the truck leave the country. Bigfoot 9 is still somewhere in Brazil, and hasn’t been seen for over a decade.

Well, now I have visions of heading to the rain forests of Brazil on the hunt for Sasquatch.

After bossing up the hill a first time, Kramer takes the truck back to the bottom for another run up the hill, because why not? I am impressed by the truck’s ability to keep throttle down. Keeping traction with those giant tires must have been a breeze.


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Serious question - does having tires that big act as a sort of low range gear? Such that besides the tread of the tires themselves, the can get better traction as a factor of torque multiplication?