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Okay don’t laugh because this is actually horrific. DON’T LAUGH, but a huge crowd in London banded together to push a bus off of a unicyclist, after his legs and dreadlocks became trapped underneath it.

Seriously, the way dozens of random bystanders, with no connection to each other, other than the will to save another life, is great:

The be-dreaded unicyclist was left with serious and terrible injuries after he became trapped underneath it in the neighborhood of Walthamstow, according The Telegraph:

Cafe owner Sami Ullah told London’s Evening Standard: “There were so many people gathered there. There must have been about 50 to 100.

“They somehow managed to pull the bus away a bit. We were amazed - it was a heavy bus, a double-decker. Police were here straightaway and they took over.”

Kyra Sam told the Standard: “I’m really amazed at the strength of Walthamstow - no-one hesitated to push the bus off. I was in shock.”


Everyone so often, humanity is great and does great things. There’s hope for us yet.

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