Watch Another Jabroni Find Out His Truck Can't Fly

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Stock pickup trucks are not strong enough to survive jumps. You know it, I know it, but some folks just need to learn these things for themselves. That’s when you just hope somebody’s standing around with a camera!

One of our all-time favorite videos is that time a stock Ford Raptor hit a huge, huge jump with disastrous results. The destruction here isn’t quite as epic, but the vibe is similar. And man does this Ram get worked.


Hemet is a desert town east of San Diego and Los Angeles. Hemet Huckfest appears to be an informal gathering of off-road enthusiasts competing for cheers, ripping stunts and jumps off a dusty berm.

There are a couple clips of trucks and UTVs catching hangtime on the Huckfest Instagram page, but this clip of a Ram’s front axles collapsing on impact is far and away the most entertaining.

Looks like everybody got out okay at least. But even if this truck’s frame escaped damage, the owner’s got a lot of work to do replacing the axles and suspension, and probably steering. And front bumper. And fenders.


A trophy truck or Baja-racing buggy would have eaten that jump easily. Most UTVs probably could have pulled it off without breaking, too. How do you think a stock Ford Raptor would have fared?