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Watch And Discuss The V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000 Live Here

Every racing series has its own epic race. Endurance racers have Le Mans. IndyCar has the Indy 500. NASCAR has the Daytona 500. Formula One has the Monaco Grand Prix.


And V8 Supercars have the Bathurst 1000.

The race is kicking off this evening (or morning for those of you Down Under) at the awesome Mount Panorama Circuit in Australia. If you're new to V8 Supercars and Bathurst, commenter porsche9146 put together a car by car preview that should help learn you some racing knowledges.


V8 Supercars has provided a livestream on their YouTube page for their international fans. Since we know that includes a lot of you there Jalops, we are presenting it here for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy and feel free to discuss the race in Kinja below.

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Why has Mount Panorama not been featured in a Forza/Gran Turismo yet?!