Watch an ultra rare GM Futurliner crawl down the drag strip

While it's easy to understand the appeal of watching a fast car run a blisteringly fast 1/4, occasionally it's fun to watch a vehicle run a painfully slow 1/4. That is of course as long as the vehicle in question is a 1954 GM Futurliner.


Originally designed by Harley Earl for General Motor's "Parade of Progress", 12 Futurliners were built to travel the country and showcase modern achievements in the 40s and 50s. Of the 12 built, nine are known to exist, including one that sold at Barrett-Jackson in 2006 for a whopping $4.1 million (before buyer's fees).

This example is #10 of the 12 built which appeared at this year's Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio. As you can see from this video, appearing wasn't all the Futurliner did at this year's event. The owner of this rare and valuable piece of history threw caution to the wind (kind of) and decided to run the massive GM down the 1/4 mile. The final result? A very slow but entertaining 48 second trip down the track during which the Futurliner managed to reach 28 MPH.

Hat tip to the Poor Sheep 911!

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If that's not straight from Fallout, I don't know what is. There's totally room for a small reactor in the back.