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Watch an insane trucker drift his tanker truck

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This starts out looking like a nightmare: an out-of-control truck on the verge of swinging itself into the roadside weeds. But then it keeps being out of control, and then you realize it's very much in control.

It's one thing to have an inattentive truck driver flinch and have the trailer swing all over the road and scare the hell out of everyone. It's another to have a skilled and attentive, if probably bored and semi-suicidal, driver do it on purpose again and again. It's not quite a drift in the traditional sense, but regardless of category it's still crazy-impressive.


We're guessing that there will be some puzzled mechanics waiting at the end of this run, wondering just what happened to those tires.

(Hat tip to @AsianMartin!)