Watch An Insane 224 MPH Highway Drag Race Between A Lambo And A GT-R With 1,500 HP

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When you think of an activity that's beloved everywhere by safety advocates, law enforcement and parents' groups, what immediately comes to mind? That's right: illegal street racing. Of course. Nothing bad ever happens when you do that!

Sarcasm aside, street racing is rarely, if ever, a good idea. But if you're gonna do it, go hard or go home, I guess. That's exactly what those crazy Russian bastards from DragTimes did when they took to the highway for a battle between a twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo and a heavily tuned Nissan GT-R.

Both cars have more than 1,500 horsepower, used racing fuel, and hit speeds of 224 mph. Боже мой!


The thing about Russian street racing is this, though: some of the cops are cool with it, and some aren't. That Ford Focus police car that just sort of watches the whole thing go down. Maybe he took a bribe, maybe he was off duty. Or maybe the poor guy realized he was just completely outclassed. Later on, they do get stopped by a cop in some little sedan, but the outcome isn't revealed in the video. All I know is they don't let that shit slide in America.

Anyway, the whole video is just nuts. I love speed as much as you do but I'd be kind of terrified if this went down during my commute home or whatever. Take it to the track, gentlemen! Or, worst case scenario, your car will catch fire during the race, and everyone at Jalopnik will make fun of you when the video gets posted.


Video credit Drag Times
H/T Motor HEAD!