Watch An Armored Vehicle Rear-End An Alleged Nuclear Missile Carrier

A man in Montana filmed an armored vehicle crashing into what he says is a truck carrying a nuclear warhead. Luckily, the video is devoid of mushroom clouds, death and despair, as those are bad things.


A nuclear missile has got to be right up there among things you don’t want to rear-end along with “minivan with stick-figure family on rear glass,” “Amish horse and buggy,” and “pristine Jaguar XJ220.” So if the white tractor trailer in the video below is indeed carrying a nuke, then the guy who rear-ends it with his armored vehicle almost certainly laid a brick in his trousers.

Transporting nuclear warheads: it’s something that has to happen (they’ve gotta move the things somehow), but when it does, it happens under the radar. Nobody’s going to tell you to “please move aside on Wednesday around noon, as we’ve gotta move a nuke. Thanks, have a nice day.”

That would be absurd. So when YouTuber Paul Tedford says that this white tractor trailer in the video was carrying a nuke, we had to reach out to the 341st Missile Wing at Malstrom Airforce Base in Montana. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t tell us what was in the truck:

At approximately 12:30 p.m. (MST) Monday, an Air Force security vehicle made contact with the hitch of an Air Force tractor trailer on 10th Avenue South in Great Falls, Montana, during a convoy.
Aside from paint damage on the tractor trailer’s hitch and a small dent in the security vehicle bumper, there were no injuries, further damages or risk to the public’s safety. The convoy and all vehicles continued on without affecting their mission.

The 341st Missile Wing Safety Office and Air Force Global Strike Command are reviewing the incident.

Either way, that truck wasn’t just carrying a load of Chia Pets. Based on that heavy security detail, whatever was in that big tractor trailer was a big deal. But alas, we may never know for certain.


From the looks of that escort its either a nuke, a crashed UFO and occupants (I WANT TO BELIEVE) or a dry run for transporting President Donald Trump’s hair pieces.