Watch an angry, Aussie cop bash a hoon's head in

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An Australian police officer was found guilty for the brutal beating this past May of a 32-year-old man caught laying burnouts outside a police station. A police-car dashboard camera caught the beatdown, as the officer kicked the driver and smashed him with a baton. Watch the chilling video below.


As the Herald Sun reports, the attack occurred in Mansfield, Victoria back in May, when cops, including alleged attackers Senior Constables Paul Bell and David Farrell, stopped the man and his 19-year-old passenger on a back road. "Do you think you run this town?" one officer was heard yelling. "We do."

Bell was found guilty of intentionally causing injury and unlawful assault, and sentenced to a 12-month supervised community-based order and 60 hours of unpaid community service. He's been suspended without pay from the police. Bell is appealing the conviction. Farrell resigned from the force in October and pled guilty to intentionally causing injury. He got a 12-month community-based order, without conviction.

Bell's lawyer says the beating came out of frustration with local hoonage.

(Thanks to Brett for the tip!)

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Today I learned: hoon is ACTUALLY a word used outside the car enthusiast community.