Watch An 18-Wheeler Fly Across An Overpass And Burst Into Pink Flames

After seeing an out-of-control semi truck fly across an overpass and spark a massive, pink-colored explosion, I'd say this guy's reaction is pretty appropriate.


Indiana's WTHR reports that the crash happened on Thursday on U.S. 421 in Greensburg. The semi launched into the air at Exit 132. State Police officials told the TV station that the driver was not killed, but had no further details.

So why was the explosion pink? I have two theories on that: Either Michael Bay's Transformers movies are actually documentaries and this stuff is happening in real life now, or that's just how the camera captured it for some reason.


One of those explanations is more plausible than the other.

Hat tip to Tony!

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Given the fact that it happened last Thursday, but the camera reckons it happened in January 2012, I assume that truckers are now capable of time travel. This accident was probably the result of a tragic miscalculation of flux-vectors. It appears the truck that crashed engaged his time circuits to early, evidenced by the trail of fire that followed him, but failed to hit 88mph, meaning he crashed, rather than continuing straight on in to a different time. I assume that the overpass no longer exists during his destination time-period.