Watch America Lose Horribly In The Car Olympics

The Olympics are over, and if you’ve ever wondered what the games would be like if each country was represented by the cars it manufactures, then here you go. Just don’t count on America’s cars taking home as many medals as the real American Olympians.


YouTube channel CarWow held five Olympics-inspired events with four countries and their respective representative automobiles.

Representing the four countries are the BMW M2 for Germany, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8 for the U.S.A., the Honda Civic Type R for Japan and the Caterham 620S for Great Britain. There may be an argument that the U.S.A. is at an unfair advantage, but we did go and label the SRT 8 a performance vehicle.

The five events were spread across the week in five separate videos. The first event was a reverse drag race inspired by sprint races, the second event was drifting inspired by gymnastics, the third was exhaust hurling inspired by discus throwing (I guess), the fourth was brake testing inspired by javelin throwing (you’ll see), and the final event was a coasting distance race inspired by the long jump.

So I already spoiled that America loses horribly, but which country (and their car) comes out on top?

Whatever Germany, we obliterated the real Olympics. You know, the ones that actually count... for something. Probably.


(The M2 totally deserves the win, though.)

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik


Why the Jeep and not something more similar to the other cars but also inherently American, like a muscle car or a CTS-V.

Kinda baloney when ours is a Jeep and Britains is a Caterham instead of a Range Rover Autobiography Edition.