Watch All The Crazy Furious 7 Stunts From Behind The Scenes

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You’ve already met the man responsible for Furious 7’s vast fleet of 500+ hp stunt cars, and now, here’s a video of his creations' destruction from behind the scenes. Boom, a thousand times.

If you think Vin Diesel is crazy for saying that the latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise deserves an Academy Award, you’re absolutely right. However, who could blame a man who got 14 gallons of adrenalin pumped directly into his brain during the movie’s production? I’m surprised he got away without spontaneously combusting.


Stunt coordinator Jack Gill certainly went big this time. Drifting semis, explosive streets, jumps, bigger jumps, impossible jumps, miniguns, burnouts, a relatively slow run at Pikes Peak, and real cars dropped out of a real military plane...


They deserve the stunt Oscar, that’s for sure. Related: We need a stunt Oscar.

How can they top this? With more. As long as they can find enough basket case Chargers to kill.


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