Watch All of These Pieces Become a Single Motorcycle

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Image: FortNine on YouTube

The idea of starting from scratch is always an appealing one. There is something to be said for tearing a machine down to its most basic bits, refurbishing the ones that need it, replacing the ones that can’t be refurbished, and building it back up into a working piece of equipment. For too many in our society a broken thing is just cast aside to be replaced by a new thing. As FortNine shows in this video, a nearly indestructible Kawasaki KLR is worthy of rehashing to be nearly brand new again.


While a KLR can take a serious beating, it didn’t fare well when the FortNine host bashed the engine on a rock, cleaving it in twain. This video depicts the methodical rebuilding of the bike in rapid fashion, with a few minor aesthetic and useful upgrades along the way.

After undertaking a serious rebuilding effort, the bike now looks better, runs better, and rides better. Every once in a while you just have to start from scratch with a project. This makes me really want to strip down my 1983 Honda MB5 for a full restoration. I’m off to the garage.

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