Watch All Of The Beautiful Bits Of This Rimac C Two Fly Apart During Crash Tests

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Gif: Rimac (YouTube)

Crash testing is a pretty significant part of car development—if your car can’t handle a big impact, then it probably shouldn’t be on the road. We’ve talked about how a smaller automaker like Rimac designs and crash tests its hypercars before. Now, we’re diving into it a little deeper with a video that shows a C Two chassis being crash tested again and again and again.

I gotta be honest, all crash test videos are equal parts fascinating, awesome and hard to watch, especially when it’s a one-in-a-million hypercar that takes a hell of a lot of time, talent, and money to build even one of.

The Rimac designers and engineers in the video mention that they run a hell of a lot of virtual simulations based on their sketches long before the car even goes into production to make sure they’re not going to accidentally spend time and money on something that’s going to collapse with a tiny little touch.


These engineers in the video guide you step by step through the global homologation process. But the interesting stuff—the crash tests—go through three stages. First, there’s the crashing of experimental prototypes, then prototype testing, followed by pre-production testing, just to make sure that everyone is covered every step of the way.

Each level is more difficult because it gets more complicated (and thus more expensive) as things move on.


All in all, it sounds pretty damn mind-boggling. Take five minutes to watch the video—it’s really fascinating, even if it does occasionally get a little painful watching beautiful cars get smashed to hell.