This Is How Rimac Builds Its All-Electric Hypercars

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Croatian electric supercar company Rimac has been building its reputation as one of the leading expertises on electric hypercars (and their parts) since its inception in 2009. But if you’ve ever wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the factory looks, you’re in luck—founder Mate Rimac is here to take you through it.


Rimac has one of those fairy tale origin stories that get cited as the rags-to-riches ideal: Mate Rimac started out working solo in a garage before building his (and his company’s) reputation to the point where it can build absurd cars like the Rimac C_Two while also supplying manufacturers like Porsche, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, and Automobili Pininfarina with electric tech. Rimac opened its first shop in Sveta Nedelja, Croatia—and it’s still based there a full decade later.

Now, in a four-part YouTube series, Mate Rimac himself takes viewers through the build process. Only the first two parts are currently available, but, honestly, they’re pretty fascinating:

The first part starts off with some of the basics: namely, the tooling department. It’s a surprisingly in-depth look at what, exactly, it takes to manufacture a super car. How hard is it to work with carbon fiber? What’s the welding process like? How in the absolute hell is Rimac building electric powertrains and wiring systems by hand? The first video gives you all the details—and how things have started changing as the company has moved beyond mere prototypes.

The second video is where things start to get more in-depth. The focus is really on how Rimac is getting ready for production of the C_Two. It’s been a while since I really dived into how damn complex composites production is—but Mate Rimac brings it back down to earth for viewers.

You’ll also get an insider’s look at battery assembly, which was one of the more fascinating parts of the video—especially the in-house built, electric motor dyno testing system. It’s wild to realize that this company is only ten years old, and yet it’s developed some incredibly high-tech equipment.

Mate Rimac himself is really knowledgable and passionate about his own company, which makes it easy to devour the videos. It’s Friday—treat yourself.

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