No one should blame you if you scrub a turn on the Nürburgring. Professional racers and Prius hypermilers make it look simple, but it's complex enough to bite even the most experienced driver in the ass. But sometimes luck can be on your side as well.


Luck, or the fantastic handling abilities of the WRX STI. Maybe both. This video, found by our 'Ring-watching pals at Bridge to Gantry, shows one of the more impressive spin recoveries I've seen on any track, let alone this one.

The driver comes into Schwedenkreuz a little hot, goes into the grass, comes reeeeealllly close to crashing into a Suzuki Swift, slides backwards, then does a 180 spin that would make Jim Rockford proud.

Bridge to Gantry says Schwedenkreuz is "one of the trickiest corners on the Nordschleife" (which is really saying something) and one that's notorious for making newcomers lift when they shouldn't. This driver, they say, is among one of the luckier ones to come out of a spin there.

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