Watch A Wild Rhino Go Rampage On This Safari Truck

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A rhinoceros really wailed on these tourists’ Toyota hard with its horn the other day. Guess it figured legs get right-of-way over wheels in Namibia’s Etosha National Park?

48-year-old Alexandra Poier, filming from another vehicle, told The Daily Mail that both vehicles and their occupants got the heck out of there (safely) pretty much immediately.


“The tour guide said this was a rare event,” because what the hell else are you going to say to some terrified tourists?

Etosha Park is a massive 8,500+ square miles with drivable roads throughout. Namibia actually is home to most of the world’s rhinos, largely thanks to the park’s efforts in protecting them from poaching.


These amazing creatures can weigh over 3,000 pounds and run at more than 30 MPH.

Hopefully the rhino’s horn was not hurt spearing that sheetmetal.

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I’ll stick to driving through waving bear parks, thanks.