Watch A Whole Herd Of Grown-Ass Russians Spill Out Of A Junky Little Sedan

How many Russian dudes can you fit into a beat-up GAZ 31029 Volga? Answer: a whole lot. And also a guitar and an accordion.

All I know about this YouTube video by На дорогах Сибая! (Башкирское Зауралье) is that, based on the term “Bashkir” in the title (a certain ethnic group within Russia), it probably takes place in the southwestern part of the country near the Ural mountains just above Kazakhstan.

Just look at all these guys head in for work (perhaps to a mine?) in that poor Volga, whose suspension is completely bottomed-out:

It’s no wonder, too. Seventeen grown men at an average weight of about 150 pounds (conservatively), and we’re talking well over a ton of human flesh and bones weighing down that fine piece of soviet engineering—that’s heavy-duty truck territory, so the fact that the little sedan didn’t snap in half over those train tracks has me impressed.


Clearly this video is staged for humor—I mean, the 17 dudes aren’t just on their regular commute to work, which happens to involve a little guitar and accordion sesh upon arrival. Still, it’s dorky and it involves a sweet old Russian junker, so I dig it.

h/t: Mirror

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