Watch a virtual canyon run in a Porsche GT3 RS 4.0 for NFS: The Run

Electronic Arts's Need for Speed franchise will soon increase by one: Need For Speed: The Run. A new game trailer confirms the presence of a Porsche GT3 RS 4.0, and perhaps a few meth labs, in the game's virtual world.




Looks like more of the same mind-numbing rehashed junk that comprises the entire Need for Speed series. These games are basically the stupid Hollywood blockbuster of racing games. They're all drifting with obnoxious attitude, even the Shift games which are supposed to be about realism.

I made the mistake of buying Shift 2 a couple of months ago. Awful, truly awful; frustratingly imprecise handling and comically aggressive AI. I tried one of the latest Hot Pursuit games and the cars are so far removed from reality they might as well have been low-flying aircraft.

The only good Need For Speed was the original. That one was phenomenal in every way compared to almost anything available at the time. The, ironically, was the only NFS game where I felt like I was actually driving a car.

Of course this is why, outside of that recent lapse of judgement, that the last Need for Speed game I bought was NFS 3. Although NFS 2 should have already warned me that the series was headed nowhere good.

EA secures these licenses because they're fully aware they can't compete on an equal playing field.