Watch a vintage Willys Jeep do wheelies

Watching a vehicle with two wheels to the sky is a pretty fail-safe way to bring a smile to the face of any car lover. While it's usually purpose built vehicles or super powerful drag cars that are capable of lifting the front end, every once in a while you can get great wheelies from an unexpected source like the custom flat fender Willys Jeep seen here.

This awesome footage comes from July's Powercruise USA held at Minnesota's Brainerd Raceway provides some pretty compelling evidence that you can indeed teach an old Jeep new tricks, you just need a whole lot of power. A super short wheelbase, off road tires with plenty of bounce and a skilled driver also don't hurt this flat fender's impressive wheelie ability.


While a turn at the wheel of this wild Jeep would be ideal, we would happily settle for a white knuckle ride in the passenger seat.


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