Watch A Truck Haul Away A 35-Ton Whale Carcass

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Whales truly are nature's assholes. When they die and wash up onshore, it becomes the responsibility of humans to haul their carcasses away with our big, powerful trucks.


I know, I KNOW, it could be considered payback for all the polluting and whaling that we do. But still. Extremely inconvenient, whales. Not cool at all.

This video comes to us from Almeria, Spain, where a 52-foot adult female whale was found floating offshore recently, the UK'S Telegraph reports. Due to its missing tail fluke, scientists think it was struck by a ship at some point, but they're not sure if that happened before or after its death.

Huh. Maybe this one's on us after all.

So the scientists did the only thing they could do — pull it ashore with some volunteer help, load it onto a truck with a crane, and then haul it away. Here's where it ended up:

"It ended up being taken to the local dumpsite. Although initially we considered towing it out to sea and sinking it with explosives – however that would have required a lot of permits and even then we weren't 100% sure that it would sink."

Whales, man. Nature's assholes.

Hat tip to Auto Evolution!


I'm far from being a tree-hugger, but what happened before we had trucks and cranes to haul these things away? Why not let nature handle it?