Put a pair of high horsepower vehicles trying to go as fast as possible side by side for a quarter mile over and over again and you're going to get some unbelievable crash footage eventually. Put an inexperienced driver in a Corvette Z06 with the traction control off and you're going to get an entirely different kind of drag strip crash quickly.

The footage of this Corvette Z06 crashing at the drag strip is hardly what we'd call unbelievable, but it is pretty hilarious. The driver begins by taking the street tire equipped Z06 through the water box for a burnout— a sure sign he's not exactly an experienced quarter mile. As if to further illustrate that point the unfortunate soul behind the wheel then gets a rude awakening when he goes for his massive John Force burnout.

It's not the best crash footage to ever come from a dragstrip, but it is the first we've ever seen that occurred before the car managed to get across the start line.