Watch A Tree Save A Photographer From An Out Of Control Rally Car

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Part of the appeal of spectating rally races is the excitement and danger of watching speeding cars as they pass only a few feet away. Unfortunately sometimes the combination of speeding cars with no room for error, no safety barriers and large crowds of people can turn tragic.

As you can see from this video that is what could have very easily happened here if it were not for a very large natural safety barrier in the form of a tree. We aren't sure where this rally took place, but as you can see from the car in this video, it wasn't exactly the top tier of rally events.

When this white hatchback catches air and veers off course it's stopped only a few feet from a certain collision with the photographer thanks to the help of a large tree. We aren't sure if the cameraman was very clever and intentionally using the tree as protection or just very lucky. Something tells us it might be a little bit of both.