Watch A Red Bull Formula One Car Take Over New York And New Jersey

The other week, the Red Bull F1 team was in the New York area to do a little promotional tour for next year's Grand Prix of America in New Jersey.

They brought an F1 show car that played the national anthem, did some donuts, drove the F1 track, and even hit 190 MPH in the Lincoln Tunnel. But Red Bull didn't release any official video.


Until now.

Red Bull brought two RB7 F1 cars and multi-Grand Prix winner David Coulthard over to the states for a little "American Vacation." Coulthard took to the streets, and drove around Liberty State Park as well as the F1 track at Port Imperial.

But the most impressive part is that they were able to get the Port Authority to close the Lincoln Tunnel AND they drove an F1 car through it at 190 MPH. The fastest I've ever gone in the Lincoln Tunnel is closer to the speed of a sloth on valium, so this is pretty awesome to see.


The entire F1 circus will be invading the New York/New Jersey area in June of next year. Can't wait.

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