Watch a Rally Car Barely Avoid Certain Disaster In The Snow

Rally driving is truly an art. If you don't believe us you need look no further than this video of driver Thierry Neuville's amazing near crash and recovery taken at this weekend's WRC Sweden for proof.

Coming into this snowy corner it appears Neuville's Citroen is headed for certain disaster. Amazingly the driver somehow manages to keep the car out of the trees and continues down the course needing nothing more than a fresh set of underwear.

Neuville may not be on top of the standings going into today's final stages of the event, but he has almost certainly won the unofficial title of most impressively awesome recovery for WRC Sweden 2012.


Hat tip to McNewbie1!
[via World Rally Sport]

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ThirdPedalGirl, ///Mother of one.

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

I wish I had half that skill and courage.