Watch A Racecar Driver Desperately Try Kicking A Faulty Door Latch Shut During A Pit Stop

gif: Driver 61/Facebook (screengrabs)

When you’re switching drivers in the middle of an FIA GT Series race, you don’t have time to deal with setbacks. But back in 2013, during the series’ first year with its new name, Sergio Jimenez from Brazil had a major problem. How to quickly deal with a broken latch on his team’s BMW Z4. And the answer was through hilarious use of brute force.

Just watch this man put all of his might into closing that latch:

The current Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup racer chimed in on the Facebook page late last year, saying:

This guys Kick the door is me! Haha

My name is Sergio Jimenez, i am racing driver today in Stock car and BLANCPAIN GT SERIES .

Its funny now but in the moment was tough.

I will tell you shortly how was.

In that day,me and Ricardo Zonta were running with the BMW Team Brasil in FIA GT 2013 in Zolder.


He went on:

We were in [sixth position], what i remember,and was a very difficult year for us because the [balance of power] in that year was very difficult for BMW .

After a very good Start and the pit stop was running very well, when i should closing the door, the door did not close, as you can see. After that i went with my shoulder and... Nothing. My thought in that moment was only one: I WILL CLOSE THIS FUCKING DOOR . Was my determination was only this,was my focus!

Today is funny, but in the moment i was very piss!

Anyway,is a good story to tell to my grand children haha.

THanks guys!

“WILL CLOSE THIS FUCKING DOOR”—that definitely looks like the thought going through his head while he feverishly assaulted that door.

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He gets knocked down,

but he gets up again.

Door never gonna keep him down.