Watch a race team's quest for 300 MPH in a one liter streamliner

Going 300 MPH is never an easy task but it becomes especially difficult when you are located a continent away from the only place you can test and tune your 1 liter turbocharged streamliner.

Based out of Glasgow, Scotland the team behind the "Flower of Scotland" is "a French/Scots alliance that works very well" according to driver Rick Pearson.


Once a year the team makes the long trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats with their streamliner in a quest to join the ultra elite 300 mph club. While that might seem like a tall order for a one liter streamliner, the team has done their best to perfect their highly modified 400 hp turbocharged Kawasaki ZX-11 engine for the task. Pearson explains that "In theory the car is more than capable" of the team's goal.

Filmmaker Josh Clason traveled to the flats last year to document the team's attempt to become the fastest one liter vehicle to ever hit Bonneville. This interesting short film is the excellent result. We can't wait to see what the "Flower of Scotland" does in 2012.

Hat tip to Josh for submitting this!

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