Watch A Prius Flip Out Of The Way To Avoid Ruining A Replica Bugatti

Driving a vintage car, even a replica on public roads is always a bit scary. All it takes is one barreling minivan to just go about and ruin everything. So when said minivan barreled into a Toyota Prius, the squidgy hybrid valiantly flipped from its designated path, right before it smashed into a re-created Bugatti Type 35B.

Obviously, what happened here is that in the split-second before impact, the Prius could've only thought that the Bug was a genuine Type 35B, and not a replica, which we are calling out as a replica because the fenders and indicators don't look quite right to us. But it's damn close enough for a lightning-quick reaction.


Little Prius, we salute you. You are hereby awarded a Silver Socket Wrench, for bravery in the line of fire and also the line of a replica vintage Bugatti.

And I'm sure that bumper scuff on the Bug will buff right out.

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